360 Cashmere

Launched in 2009 by Leslie & Bruce Gifford, 360 Cashmere is a women's contemporary knitwear brand inspired by the family's New York upbringing and West Coast lifestyle.

Enza Costa

Created in 2007, Enza Costa is known for her impeccably cut t-shirts made from the most touchable fabrics. Everything is made in LA with fabrics imported from Italy, Japan & California.  

Pam & Gela

These Cali girls, Pam & Gela, created a brand that is sexy, edgy, ripped, zipped and insanely soft, making everyday style a little more elevated. Known for their perfect tees, track outfits & sweats. 


Co-designers Cathryn Forth & Julie Ritorto joined forces with a goal to create a brand that is "A rebel against cookie- cutter design and to bring the design process back to its fundamentally tactile roots".  Each piece is meticulously constructed with an organic sculpture shape. 


Creative director, Stephanie Von Watzdorf used her artistic & global heritage to create a brand that is inspired by a passion for travel & desire to highlight the talents of artisans around the world. She designed a collection that carries ready-to-wear clothes, handbags, jewelry, & shoes.


Jeff Abrams, a Los Angeles native, founded Rails in 2008. He set out to create a brand that blends casual & comfort with a sleek sophistication. It is a lifestyle brand that is known for its classic silhouettes &
luxurious, premium fabrics.


A.L.C is a brand that is defined by its strong sense of style, a mix of references & soulful connections. Each product is produced with designer quality at a contemporary price. 


In 2005 Arik & Laurent Bitton created Iro, a bold brand that represents a female & modern silhouette which is a blend of luxury & casual look. The brand aims at promoting its excellent quality & design. 


Created over sunset cocktails in Goa, Phoebe Vickers & Purna khatau developed the idea for a collection designed to be a complete vacation wardrobe.They use exquisite fabrics, rich colors & hand-crafted embellishments. As they say "Throw on a kaftan and relax."


Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars, creators of AMO, had the objective to create the perfect pair of jeans designed by women who get it. AMO is the latin root for love which is fitting for how the founders feel about denim. AMO is known for its comfortableness & timeless look.  


In 2014 Ilana Kugel launched Koral, a collection of edgy & feminine silhouettes made from a signature line of high-tech fabric. The luxe-athleisure pieces are meant to make you feel luxurious & look effortless.

Ronny Kobo

Ronny Kobo is a contemporary women's fashion line that is celebrated for its exotic prints, flattering silhouettes & fashion-forward novelty knitwear. Ronny Kobo launched her line in 2009 which has since expanded into a lifestyle brand. 

Anine Bing

Anine Bing launched in Los Angeles in 2012. The line is inspired by Scandinavian heritage and American Spirit. Anine Bing brings current but timeless luxury staple pieces & wardrobe basics.


Inspired by a beautifully tailored outfit Kate Ciepluch launched Laveer in NYC. Laveer started off a as line of blazers and has since developed into a line of tailored separates to make for an effortlessly elevated look.


In 2014 creative director and co-founder Jillian Shatken launched Saylor. She was inspired by the female-centric LA fashion scene and decided to give her own thing a go. Her main objective is to celebrate other women through her pieces.  


In Sydney, Australia 15 years ago, Camilla Franks created CAMILLA, a vibrant, bohemian lifestyle brand. Camilla's prints are inspired by her travels around the world. Each piece is hand-cut, with each crystal delicately placed.

Marissa Webb

Launched in 2013 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Marissa Webb presented a fiercely feminine look with a masculine & edgy look. Catering to the modern women who appreciates timeless fashion while maintaining confidence. 


Smythe is a ready-to-wear, versatile & timeless line created by Andrea Lenczner & Christine Smythe. The line can be described by the co-founders as "modern and emotional". 

Clare V.

What started off as just laptop cases in 2008 has evolved into a line that produces a full range of handbags, accessories & shoes. Clare was and still is inspired by France & each collection has a hint of that inspiration with a signature element. 


Founded in 2010 by Lela Becker & Tim Kaeding, Mother is a 70's inspired denim brand. Famous for its most exquisite & ultra soft fabrics & its unique indie spirit. Mother has grown into a lifestyle brand that try's to not take herself too seriously.

Trina Turk

Trina Turk is a women's contemporary line that was launched in 1995 by Trina Turk. The brand was inspired by the Golden States multicultural mix, creativity & architecture. Each collection features bold signature prints with dynamic hues.


Inspired by "living in the moment" & her love for music, Laura Glover founded Daydreamer after saying yes and moving to LA. Each item is thoughtfully and soulfully made from ultra soft fabrics, perfect cuts & electrifying graphics.

Native Gem

Founder Amanda Ezra's goal was to fill the gap between cheap lead-based jewelry & ultra expensive fine jewelry. She designed a jewelry brand that was inspired by the earth's natural gifts: rare stones. Each jewelry piece is maticulously designed using hypo-allergenic lead, cadmium free metals, 14K gold fill, vermeil & sterling silver.

Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire is a diverse brand that thrives in the in-between. With its wild, free & rock fueled wardrobe essentials it is redefining modern femininity. Founder Thierry Gillier & art director Cecilia Bonstrom aim to tell a story rather than following the trend with each piece.

Derek Lam 10 Crosby

Derek Lam launched Derek Lam 10 Crosby in New York City in 2011. Keeping his core principles in mind, "clothing of value & integrity of design", he designed an urban line for women that can carry her through every aspect of life. With each design comes a sense of style & an exciting twist.


Established in 2008, NUX is at the epicenter of activewear brands with their advanced Italian knitting technology. Each unique style is produced in the highest quality that hugs the body in all the right places. No matter if you are on or off the mat, in & out of the gym, at home or on the go you will be sure to confidently standout wearing NUX.

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